Studio Oro!

The Kenshin-god expressing his feminine side

Image disclaimer: No... this is not the caliber of our work... this is what happens when Shi-chan is fed copious amounts of sugar... ::sweatdrops::

Welcome to Studio_Oro!

We ask you to kindly forgive the unfinished state of this page. Our need for funds became a little more apparent recently. *coughAXcough* However, all the important stuff is here! Our artists' pages are basically up so you can view some of our favorite works. We're are soon going to have our own domain name! Ohohohohohoho!!!
Well, enough rambling. You're here for a reason! And we eagerly await getting to put our skills to the test to create a piece of art just for you.

Studio_Oro! Members:
Tennyo Ceres
Lady Pluto

Commission Policy

Questions? Contact any of us here at Studio_Oro and we'll help you out.


Disclaimer: All art pieces shown here are owned and have copyrights to the respective artist(s) of Studio Oro. Any art depicting character(s) created by another artist were made in homage to the original artist.

In other words, don't sue us. We're poor otaku college students trying to make a few dollars with what little drawing skills we have. So please, give a little bit of your time (and money) and help four malnourished individuals who work way too hard for their education...pretty please?